Renae E. Murphy, LMT, CPP
By the time I graduated from the Holistic Massage program in Ipswich on 12/12/12, I knew I found my purpose in life. I was like a lost puppy unsure of what I was looking for... mysteriously drawn to this school because it turned out to be my destiny...

On 1/11/13 I began the Advanced Polarity program at Spa Tech. The work continues to resonate with me with increasing strength. My clients are experiencing positive & enlightening shifts in their bodies & energies. Knowing that I'm sharing these results with the souls that I touch that brings me incredible feelings of fulfillment.

I also began taking the steps to open my business right after graduation. Thanks to the preparation I had at Spa Tech, my ducks fell into a row with ease.

My business is called Sublime Bodyworks. Opening day is February 4th. It's located at Cherry Street Chiropractic in Danvers, MA. The start-up months will include multiple free polarity sessions offered to all who inquire. This will help me to master the art as I study it further.

For more information or to contact me, visit my website at