Suzanne Trumbore Leitschuh, RPP, RPL3

I am deeply honored to have had the pleasure and timing luck to begin (1990's) studying with Nancy Risley and Kris Stecker in the early days of the Polarity Realization Institute, in the Polarity Certificate Program in 3 rooms up on the second floor in Ipswich, and then across the hall for the more advanced work, and then the RYSE work too, in the whole building, along with Pam Carlsen. The Work has spread far and wide.....
And I have gone from a young woman to a crone, with two grown children, and many, many enriching life experiences, still in touch with those who continue to teach me to soar, while staying firmly grounded.
I had the gifts, but learned The Work, and The Work continues to teach me, and expand the gifts, and as it all continues to evolve, I can offer to you what I continue to learn. Let's laugh together on our path.
I offer you gentle, yet deeply profound Energy Alignment Work.
With Distance Work, my assistance in your healing process is just a phone call away. Call to arrange some time, just for you, today!
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Love and Light,
The Happy Medium!