Grace Humphrey, Polarity/RYSE practitioner

Grace Humphrey, accomplished healer, channel, and writer has been involved in the healing arts since 2006 , and has been writing since she was seven years old. Grace graduated from Gordon college with her Bachelor degree in Arts and from Spa Tech Institute with her certifications to practice Polarity therapy and RYSE (Realizing Your Sublime Energies).

Her true gifts of counseling and healing grew as she worked for five years in the mental health field. Here she counseled over forty people, and brought her compassionate care and focus to empowering each person to see their inner light. She left the field to pursue her studies in natural healing, and quickly became impressed with the body's natural abilities to heal. She started her practice in 2009 and has inspired many people to change their lives, and heal their bodies. She has a natural gift of intuitive knowledge and can read the state of people's energy systems, and shift it for them. She is passionate about seeing everyone in their ultimate state of health, vibrant and in their joy. She is often heard quoting her favorite mentor's motto: "Your only job in life is to have fun."

In addition to Grace's gift of counseling and providing healing, Grace channels poetry for her clients which she finds to be very healing for them. Grace does this work from a distance. She sends an individualized poem about your true soul potential to you typed and framed in the mail. This work is usually done once or twice a year as it is memorable. But distance sessions can be done at anytime!

Grace has written several children's books and hopes to continue to write more about the topics in her classes. She has developed a course for children with the acronym "Gracie's Angels" and you can read more about the course throughout the site. She will be happy to come to your space and host it.