My passion is my Profession

From as far back into my childhood as I can remember, I have been devoted to the concept of one united universe. All sharing one common breath.

Growing up my beliefs were always to embrace each other with love and trust. When we breathe, we are the plants, the animals, and the stars. It is from these beliefs that I have voyaged onto this path of spirituality, health, and wellness.

When I entered the world of bodywork I discovered an opportunity for embracing and building upon these beliefs. I found my passion in the heart of holistic healing arts. Polarity Therapy was a blessing which I embraced to its fullest extent. A 660-hour program included energetic-based Yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition, sound, color therapy, as well as an extensive study on the function of our esoteric anatomy, and sublime energetic systems.

The focus of learning this magnificent work was in helping others experience the profound effects of having their energetic systems clear and balanced. Throughout my personal experience as a receiver of Polarity Therapy and RYSE, it has proven in my opinion to be the most profound combination of bodywork available to this day.

Thank you for helping me perform the work that I love.

Daniel Schmidt