Jess Dickson, Advanced Polarity Therapist

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND.

Polarity is a hands on form of body work, which integrates the body, mind and spirit by facilitating relaxation, stress reduction, and balance while promoting better health, self-healing and greater well-being thru aligning the poles and energy centers of the body.

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Jess has over 23 years experience in the metaphysical field. Over the years, she has performed numerous readings for individuals and groups. Her intrinsic intuitive and perspective abilities started at a very young age. Jess was gifted with clairsentient, clair audient and clairvoyant abilities.

Her healing abilities became evident in her mid 20’s.

Jess has spent the last 15 years diligently honing her mediumship and healing skills and advancing her education. Her passion and focus is healing and teaching.

¨ Advanced Polarity Therapy – Spa Tech Institute
¨ Ongoing Shamanic Counsel – Marlene Myers
¨ Advanced Intuitive and Pathways to Mastership Trainings - Marlene Myers
¨ Mediumship, meditation, healing and shamanism workshops –
by Rev. Graham Connolly
¨ Past Life Regression Work Shops – Dr Brian Weiss and Dory Coty
¨ Advanced Intuitive and Advanced Spiritual Mediumship Trainings –
with James Van Praagh
¨ Quantum Touch – Mary Maverick
¨ Integrated Energy Therapy I & II – Judy Garbow
¨ Reiki Master Attunements – Cindy Folsom
¨ Various classes and workshops at the Portland Spiritualist Church.
.. Various workshops at True North.

Volunteer work:
¨ Light Body Free Healing Clinics
¨ Spa Tech Institute Open House
¨ Spa Tech Institute Assistant Teacher

Jess is also an author in a published collection of true stories:
“Angel Visions II” by Doreen Virtue

Jess is married and has three boys. She loves boating and traveling.

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Contact Info:
Cell: 207-615-5359

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