My new life...

I lost my job in January of 2009, and it was the best day of my life. I came across the Spa Tech website, and saw RYSE, and I knew I had to check it out. When I walked into the door, the energy was amazing, not your typical school for sure! I started out in the Holistic Program (before the state requirements changed) and it was amazing. I had my first APP (Associate Polarity Practitioner) class, and I was so hooked with the energy work!

I was soon enrolled in the advanced Polarity courses (while finishing Holistic Massage) and it changed my life! I am certainly not the same person who walked through those doors two years ago. This school, the teachers, and those courses have helped me grow exponentially. Not only did I learn techniques and skills, but I learned how to build a business, marketing, planning, goals.

From there, I just HAD to enroll in the RYSE program. My life has never been the same since my first day. I have met so many wonderful people, both students and teachers. The teachers actually care about you as a person, not just another face. I have met Spa Tech students that started at other schools, and they wish they had only gone to Spa Tech due to the class size, and the individual attention they got. I have yet to meet a student that did not enjoy the experience.

What did I get out of it all? I had a practice started before I had graduated my second program. I started out as a very shy individual, yet now I can stand in front of an audience and speak, which is a major personal accomplishment! I learned many things at Spa Tech, but the most important lesson was about me. I learned how to manage my energetic systems and create the life I want. I no longer get stressed over rough spots in life, because I know that they are only temporary. I feel like I am 30, when my birth certificate says I am 46. I love life, and feel pure joy every day. I love it when a client gets off the table and says "Wow!" because I know that I made a difference in someone's life through what I learned at Spa Tech. I hope one day to teach there, and help others achieve something beyond what they ever imagined, like I did.

Light and Love,