My Journey

I drove by Spa Tech in Ipswich for several years, saying to myself over and over, "I would really like to try that someday". My now husband finally brought me to the school and sent me in to get information about Spa Tech and the courses of study offered. It was a day which changed my life. I enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage program and when I came home from my first class, I was filled with excitment and the feeling that I had finally, at 44 years old, found what I was meant to do.

After a quick and learning filled year, I embarked on the next stage of my journey, starting my own business! I have a fabulous studio with incredible energy in downtown Ipswich. I share my space with another Spa Tech graduate, a hypnotherapist and a life/health coach and we all love to be there together.

I was not (and am not) finished learning however. In addition to becoming Nationally Certified, I have taken two more certification courses through the LMT Success Group in the year since my graduation; Medical Massage and Arthrossage-Medical Massage for Arthritis. I am excited to bring these two new modalities to my "toolbox" and I incorporate these newly learned techniques in my customized massages to bring optimal help and relief to all my clients.

There is nothing I enjoy more than working on my clients, old and new. I will be concentrating now on building up my practice, but will still be on the lookout for new classes/certification courses to enhance my ability to bring relief through the healing power of touch.

Visit my website at to learn more about me or to book an appointment online.

Peace and blessings,