Elle T Janelli

Elle owns Conscious Touch Massage, located at 7 West Main Street, Suite B,Merrimac, Massachusetts (conveniently located in Merrimac Square). Elle has a consistent interest in the body, mind and soul. She began her training in 1971 when her parents sent her to Silva Mind Control and eventually Elle became a Reki Master/Teacher with International Lineage. She began her adult career as a chiropractic assistant/office manager in a Chiropractic Office. Elle became interested in the medical side of healthcare and health insurances and further pursued her career in a medical disability law firm as a research paralegal and finally on to Polarity Realization Institute/Spa Tech to become a holistic massage therapist. Elle has continued her education at the Ben Benjamin Institute of Orthopedic Massage Therapy and has many CEU's through the American Massage Therapy Association where she has earned a Professional Membership.

Her massage therapy business is www.ellejanelli.com, www.theconscioustouchmassage.com and the sister company she dabbles in is "Wild Women Healing Center"