Robert Rand, Polarity Therapist- WAVEPOOL, The Deep Relaxation Soundtrack

Robert Rand is a graduate of the Polarity Realization Institute's 650-Hour Polarity Realization Therapy Program in 1998. During his advanced polarity studies Robert was a Teacher's Assistant in the Sound Healing curriculum. Conducting a polarity therapy practice for several years, Robert also held distance healing and medical intuitive sessions for a number of critical ill clients, with extraordinary benefits. Robert then focused on combining his polarity therapy practice and medical intuitive skills with his several decades as a professional acoustician and performing and improvisational musician.

WAVEPOOL the Deep Relaxation Soundtrack

The original goal of Robert's WAVEPOOL project was to create a soundtrack for use by a well-regarded Maine massage therapist who was finding most CDs unsuitable for deeply relaxing her clients. The WAVEPOOL soundtrack worked well for her and the word got out about this amazing sound. The WAVEPOOL sound was based on a meditative vision and then six months of work to embody the feeling and sound of that vision into a stereo recording. In 2009, at the urgings of therapists, clients and friends, Robert created the full CD soundtrack and artwork and released WAVEPOOL internationally in January 2010.

“Deep Relaxation” refers to a transformation to a non-ordinary state of being where the body and mind regain access to one’s innate healing capabilities through a simple continuous process of breathing, relaxing and allowing. The WAVEPOOL 60-minute soundtrack is designed for either single or endless playback as an entrainment sound for deep relaxation healing in polarity therapy, massage, deep tissue release, acupuncture, osteopathy and other energetic therapies, and shamanic transfiguration and transmutation.

Sandra Ingerman, renowned author and healer, gave her top endorsement to WAVEPOOL, now her recommended soundtrack for shamanic healing, supplanting all other CDs ever made for relaxation and meditation. "In listening to the “Wavepool” I find myself going to a deep inner landscape where I can experience my spiritual light and divine nature while staying in my body. So when I come back I feel filled with light and extremely grounded at the same time.” —Sandra Ingerman, author of many books including “Soul Retrieval” and “Medicine for the Earth”, February 2010 Newsletter, on the web at

With its deeply attentive and compassionate melodic textures and slow, pristine Maine ocean surf, WAVEPOOL is also an ideal intentional soundtrack for waiting areas and zones of caring, including emergency rooms and preparatory and postoperative surgery suites.

WAVEPOOL is a tremendous asset for every polarity and massage therapist to support them in their practice at the very highest levels of their healing potential, and also for their clients to listen to daily to deepen, sustain and enhance the therapeutic benefits they gain during sessions. Visit for an audio preview, more information, and ordering. Robert can be contacted directly at or 207-632-1215.