Allison Hopkins, LMT, Amethyst Point, Worcester, MA

Allison Hopkins, LMT is a popular Massage and Polarity Therapist at Amethyst Point. She is passionate about her work and helping her clients obtain freedom from stress and pain, and helping them maintain their health. She often includes yoga and stretching to assist clients between sessions. Clients state that it is Allison's energy that sets her apart from other therapists.

Allison also teaches Polarity Yoga on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm. Classes often include information on reflexology, and polarity theory, guided meditations, and positive affirmations. Here is what some of her students are saying:

“Allison's calm, cooperative and holistic approach makes her polarity yoga class engaging and informative. The postures are easy to do outside of class, and I appreciate the nutritional information and reflexology points she includes as well. I would definitely recommend this class for anyone interested in improving or maintaining their overall health in mind, body and spirit!" – Lauren

“Allison makes her Polarity Yoga class fun and engaging!! You learn poses and techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily life that truly make a difference. Allison provides handouts and explanations so you can draw on what you need. It's not just a once a week class - Allison makes it transforming!!” – Patti

"Allison's Polarity Yoga class has had a significant impact on my life. I am more relaxed overall and feel a balance in my life that was missing before. I use the poses regularly outside of class. Allison has been so helpful in providing handouts with all of the information she teaches so you can continue your practice at home. I would recommend this class to anyone, it is changing my life!" – Stephanie