Massage Therapy Associates Larraine Racca LCMT, NCBMT

Massage Therapy helps you cope with stress and provides a way to relax and move through life's challenges and transitions more gracefully. Massage can reduce the discomfort and pain caused by illness, activity, or hormonal fluctuation.

Research demonstrates that touch is necessary for normal infant development. The need for touch continues throughout our lives. The caring touch of massage can help restore your energy and sense of well being.

Because massage promotes relaxation and a sense of well being, it can ease menopausal discomfort of hot flashes, headaches, insomnia, achy muscles and emotional ups and downs. Massage Therapy offers you reassurance, balancing and a positive association with your body so that you may experience the enhanced vitality that is also a part of this powerful transition.

Massage is a healing experience, the more you recieve massage, the more benefits you will notice.You will be consulted in deciding the best frequency for your appointments to meet your specific needs. If affordability is a concern, varying lengths of massage will be discussed. Making the investment in yourself will result in a more vital satisfying lifestyle.

So escape to a more beautiful place and experience the healing of massage.