Align Your Energy, Andrea Beaudoin, Brunswick, ME

Location: Brunswick, ME
Long-Distance Energy Alignments really help you move forward in life, removes blocks, obstacles to having the life you want. I tune into your energy system from a distance at a pre-arranged time when you are relaxing quietly. Having the distance creates the space for a deeper clearing. I email you after the session to inform you about the work I did, the energy that was cleared and information I received from Guidance about your current situation.

Telephone Energy Coaching combines traditional life coaching with energy work to give you more powerful results and help you move forward faster. I will teach you energy tools to use to help remove obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals! Specialising in working with emotional issues, such as fear, anxiety, limiting thoughts, and other emotional issues. This work really provides clarity and focus to help you reach your goals! Assists in your highest evolution.

Affordable Rates! Special rates for continuing work!