I graduated from Spatech in April of 2004 from the therapeutic massage career program, and returned to graduate in 2006 from the RPP course. I have been in private practice since the fall of 2004 in various locations around the greater Portland area, as well as gaining valuable experience in a clinical setting as an employee of chiropractors. I also worked at a spa for awhile, experiencing that setting as the opposite end of the spectrum from clinical.

Currently I am in practice as a sub-contractor at The Awake Collective (www.theawakecollective.com) practicing both massage and polarity. We are working under the business model of Sacred Commerce, which is the concept that business is a path to awakening to enlightenment. From the webpage you can learn more about this concept, as well as look at the other things that the Collective has to offer. You can even book an appointment from the "Awake Spa" page. We are located at the corner of Merrill and Quebec streets in Portland's East end.

The Awake Collective is a co-creative community platform created with the intention to support and nourish our awakening processes. I hope to see you there soon!

Thank You,

Rebecca Demers