Spa tech Experience

So, I just graduated on April 9th 2009 and I am so thrilled. Having chosen Spa tech as my school was probably the best descision I have ever made. I came into this knowing full well what I wanted to do, work with a doctor or chiropractor or PT. 6 months later, I am already there! I have Spa Tech to thank for that. Through this journey, I have met so many wonderful people, life-long friends. Amazing instructors with whom I plan to keep in contact with. And at Spa Tech, we can do that kind of thing. Teachers are not there soley to teach, they are there to guide you through your whole career if you need them! Thats really how close you all get while you are attending classes there. It's like we are one big happy family. It's bittersweet to have to graduate and leave. I am psyched to get out there and dive head-fist into the world of massage. I so curious as to how much more there is to learn. But, I also realize that I am done... out of the "nest", and thats kind of sad, honestly.

So, here's to an AMAZING 6 months with FANTASTIC people. And a WHOLE new world that I am ready to take on! :)