Amala Wellness

Amala Wellness brings the beautiful healing sciences of Ayurveda & Polarity Therapy to Southern New Hampshire.

The goal of Ayurvedic medicine and Polarity therapy is to prevent disease from happening by understanding ourselves so well that we stay balanced and healthy. Understanding how we respond to the cycles and rhythms of nature, what triggers us to go out of balance and adapting our food and lifestyles choices helps us accomplish this.

If we are hurting, sore, tired, stressed, sleep deprived and constipated; if we are walking through our lives like this chronically, this will eventually manifest, in some form or another, into disease.

Ayurveda & Polarity therapy seeks to understand what is out of balance, what causes it to become so, and bring it back into balance. These sciences not only benefit you for a while after a treatment but give you the knowledge and tools you need to maintain balance.

This is the art of daily living.

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