Georgieanna ~ Essential Balance

A graduate of SpaTech Institue as of Dec 2016, Georgieanna is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Associate Polarity Practitioner.

Having been a business owner for 20 years, Georgieanna understood the stresses and pressures that are placed upon an individual that has to not only be concerned with the welfare of home and family....but of 33 employees and their families.
After being given an opportunity to follow a dream, Georgieanna pursued her love for healing, and quality customer service. What better combination than to have someone who not only knows how to treat every customer with quality service, but to be able to apply touch to bring the body systems to a healing state is truly a gift, and an art.

Georgieanna has experience in

• Polarity
• Swedish Massage -
• Deep Tissue -
• Positional Release –
• Foot "pressure point" techniques –
• Range of Motion
• Chair Massage -
• Deep Tissue Therapy
• Stretching Techniques –
• Myofascial Release –
• Event Sports Massage
• Hydrotherapy –