Creating or Changing a Listing

To create your professional listing, you need to contact the campus where you graduated and let them know that you would like to be added to this site.

Next you will receive an email at the address you gave to the campus for setting up your account. That will tell you that your account is pending with links to use to log in, change your password and set up your listing.

To learn more about adding or changing a listing, go to for an instructional video of how to proceed.

Parameters for making this site valuable to the public and you.

~ Only post your business or employment information.
~ Do not post off topic (looking for work, buy, trade, sell) listings.
~ Do not post employment search information. Use the job portal located at to find or post jobs.
~ You can post more than one listing to cover different places you work. This will make it easier for the "Search" function to find you.
~ Be sure to check off the box for the Newletter to receive tips and reminders to update your listings.

I look forward to your questions and feedback as we use the Graduate Referral site. The more people who are listed the more effective it is for everyone.

Thank you.