Renae Murphy, LMT, CPP

Wrapping up a wonderful first day in the new office! Sublime Bodyworks is officially open for business at Cherry Street Chiropractic in Danvers, MA. Many clients are already enjoying instant pain relief after one session, and extended relief after a period of regular visits during my student status.

Many clients find their back pain (lower, mid, upper) will melt away on the table, and stay away longer each time they come back, especially when caused by posture at work behind a desk or on your feet.

Many athletes, including dancers, enjoy the feeling of their "new legs" when they get off the table after a little myofascial release and deep tissue to their legs & glutes.

Many waitresses and other "carriers" of heavy items love the relief they feel in their backs, arms, all the way out to the tips of the fingers.

Call and ask how I can help you feel rejuvenated for your daily activites.

Located at 15 Cherry Street, Danvers MA
(Cherry Street Chiropractic)